Norfolk Valentine's Day Massacre of Services on February 14th 2011


The Council will be deciding the cuts to be made across Norfolk so it is important that we make sure they know the consequences of their actions and how this will effect every disabled person across Norfolk

Come along and protest against this Valentine's Day Massacre of Services

Make your voice heard at County Hall this Valentine's day, tell the Councillors we will not stand idly by while they ruin services and our life lines.

Meet up

Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People will be there from 08:30am outside County Hall reception.

Norfolk County Council will meet on Monday - 14 February - to consider a Conservative group budget proposal to slash millions of pounds of services - part of a plan to cut £155 millions of Norfolk services.

The meeting has been dubbed the 'Valentine's Day Massacre of Services' by anti-cuts campaigners, who will mount a protest outside County Hall at 08.45 - shortly before the council meeting.

Protesters will lobby councillors to reject the proposed cuts and instead join a campaign for alternative government action to tackle the national deficit, such as ending corporate tax evasion and avoidance which costs the treasury billions of pounds each year.

Norfolk Coalition Against the Cuts is urging all Norfolk citizens to contact their County Councillors this week, voicing opposition to service cuts, and to come along to the 'Stop the Valentine Day Massacre of Services' protest on Monday.

Campaigners will display 'bloodstained' signs of the services affected by the proposed cuts, which include:

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