Norfolk Disabled Parent's Alliance asks all members to send their comments to Norfolk County Council Consultation

Government are cutting the money given to Norfolk County Council. All NCC services will be cut, including Adult care and Children’s services. It will be much harder for some disabled parents to stay independent and to run their family life well if these cuts go ahead.

Some disabled parents will be badly affected by cuts to their individual services, but the real impact will only be seen when the combined effects of all the cuts are added up with families in mind. Government cuts to benefits are already hitting some families very badly. NCC cuts will make the Government cuts much more difficult for some families to manage.

For details of NCC’s ideas, go to and follow the Big Conversation links. The information given is poor and sometimes misleading, not enough to make judgements about impacts of the proposals. So we’re guessing.

But NDPA must make sure NCC’s decision makers understand the total effect of cuts to services that are valued by disabled parents and their families.

We will reply in detail on behalf of the group, but WE NEED ALL OF YOU to help by sending your individual views too, BEST BEFORE CHRISTMAS but at latest by Monday 10 January 2011. Use NCC’s website if it suits you to give an electronic reply, or email with Big Conversation and the proposal number in the subject line.

If computers are not your thing, we’ve designed an unofficial reply form, attached, or, of course, write your own letter. No stamp is needed if you address to Freepost Your Norfolk, but whatever you do, PLEASE DO SEND YOUR VIEWS to NCC!


If you don’t use computers, here are very brief details of the proposals that have most impact for disabled parents and their families and some comments about them. The most important is first, A16, as the supporting disabled parents project manager makes sure NCC takes notice of disabled parents needs in all they do.

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