Norfolk Big Conversation

What is the Big Conversation?

Norfolk County Council is predicting a budget gap of at least £155 million over the next three years, due to a combination of increasing council costs, increased demand for services, inflation and a cut in Government funding.

In view of this, the Council has published a consultation document that sets out some draft proposals for changes to its core role and the way it works, and specific proposals for savings 2011-14. The draft proposals have implications for the future of all county council services, including adult social care, learning difficulties, sensory support and mental health.

Where can I find out more?

The consultation documents are published on the Council's website, along with information about the different ways that residents and community groups can get involved.

Alternatively, you can contact the Council by telephone: 0344 800 8020, or email: for a printed copy of the consultation document or an alternative format.

What will happen after the consultation ends?

The Council's Cabinet will meet on 24 January 2011 to consider the findings of public consultation and which budget proposals to recommend to full Council on 14 February 2011.

At this meeting, Cabinet may agree the proposals, amend them or make new ones in light of what they have heard from residents.

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